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Sailing the grand adventure

David is an engaging keynote business speaker who challenges the audience to renew how they think about business and relationships and offers simple application strategies to apply on the journey of change as a business speaker for hreater changes to come on their way. David is a keynote speaker on a range of professional development and coaching topics.


Keynote Speaker

Observations The Bluenose Effect

David introduces an analogy of how to view your life/business and offers a challenge to renew your thinking and regain your freedom to succeed.

Observations Harness the Wind

Understanding the impact of change in your business/life and knowing how to respond when the wind is against you.

Observations Develop the Owner

The only potential in business lies within you and your team. Stop focusing on the wrong thing.

Observations Performance v Potential

Understanding the difference which places you in the top 3% of businesses. Explore both the stern and bow of your ship and make the tough choices.

Observations A View from the Crow’s Nest

David brings a new perspective on that old saying, “Work on your business not in your business”. Understanding the advantage that a view from the Crow’s Nest will develop the freedom to succeed.


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Make a difference in your business. Your attendees will walk away with a plan to make a difference in their lives and careers. They’ll make measurable changes in the thirty days following the keynote to reclaim their future!

Our Client's Story

Career Coaching
Peter Cain

Treasury & Economic Development Directorate

David helped me focus on the more immediate of my goals without losing sight of my broader and subsequent plans. He advised me, and this turned out to be the case, that lessons learned on achieving the next goal would be invaluable for the following ones. I highly recommend his services.

Career Coaching
Maria Filardo


Coaching has been great. I’ve learned more about myself and how to interact with people, being held accountable. Strategies that I thought I had weren’t actually strategies at all.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

I found David to be very helpful and detailed. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching1

I found my experience to be of great help in updating my Resume and the information provided was invaluable.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

David had a great approach to the coaching. While he followed a broad structure he was also happy to be led by what I felt would be most beneficial. He also challenged me to think deeply about what direction I wanted to take in my career so his assistance could better align and was targeted towards achieving that objective.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

This is a great program. It provides actionable feedback and usable outputs to support the career transition process.


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