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The business world today is one of constant change. Keeping up with that and staying on top of all the aspects of business can be a massive challenge.


David has developed and tested a framework that will not only get you focused on the right things at the right time, but help you to bring your team and customers on that grand adventure in business. From understanding the underlying culture and values of the organisation and individuals, through to plotting the course for your next opportunity, David will help you to become better at running your business and navigating your course.


David speaks at conferences, delivers training seminars & workshops and consultant to a range of leading organisations. David is passionate about you realising your potential and rediscovering the Freedom to Succeed.

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Keynote Speaker


David introduces an analogy of how to view your life/business and offers a challenge to renew your thinking and regain your freedom to succeed.

Observations – Harness the Wind

Understanding the impact of change in your business/life and knowing how to respond when the wind is against you.

Observations – Develop the Owner

The only potential in business lies within you and your team. Stop focusing on the wrong thing.

Observations – Performance v Potential

Understanding the difference which places you in the top 3% of businesses. Explore both the stern and bow of your ship and make the tough choices.

Observations – A View from the Crow’s Nest

David brings a new perspective on that old saying, “Work on your business not in your business”. Understanding the advantage that a view from the Crow’s Nest will develop the freedom to succeed.

You’ll also discover how to:

Understand the behavioural preferences of your clients and staff and learn how to adjust your personal style to realise a greater level of rapport within your team or with your customers. The outcome being increased engagement and sales.

Who benefits?

CEOs, business owners, managers and staff.


Higher levels of business success including better relationships and increased sales through an improved ability to form and maintain long-term mutually beneficial relationships with customers, staff and peers.



David speaks from 20 years of leadership experience in the Royal Australian Navy and a further 20 years as a Senior Executive in the private, public and not for profit sectors. He utilises his unique (purpose built) framework, “Observations” to open the various aspects of business and work life to explore ways to achieve greater success.



Coaching is a powerful tool. When utilised effectively, you can propel yourself and your business to new horizons within a very short timeframe. David works with you to create clear pathways to achieve success. This might include success in business or more balance in your life. As an internationally certified coach, David always brings a wealth of material and resources to the coaching engagement.



David is a specialist in Leadership, Management and Business Operations and processes. David will work with you and your team to establish the momentum required to move your business forward and to navigate the course towards your next major destination.



With a range of practical soft skill courses, facilitated Master Mind groups, and development tools, David can provide the focused direction for your next planning event or team building day.

David the Author

David’s first journey into publishing was in “The Change #7” a joint venture publication. David addressed the topic of “Releasing the Leader Within You”.

Short excerpt from “The Change #7”

I believe that the potential for leadership is within each one of us. It is through being presented with and taking the opportunities in life that we learn and refine our leadership qualities. We have the rough edges knocked off through the experience of stepping out and taking the lead


Leaders don’t go it alone
Leaders must know their stuff
Leaders are visionary
Leaders teach others

Observations from the Quarterdeck

David’s current work is on a book titled: “Observations from the Quarterdeck, the Grand Adventure of Business.” Due for release in 2020.

Observations presents an innovative new way to grow yourself and your business. Actively thinking and reflecting on each chapter and applying the learning will transform your thinking and renew the way you do business. It will give you the freedom to succeed in life.

Observations explores the adventure that is business through the analogy of operating and sailing a ship. It’s an easy and engaging read that will transform the way you think about your business. By applying the principles you’re reading, you will be able to see acceleration in the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

A transformation that is only achieved through the process of thinking.


David joined the Royal Australian Navy in March 1981 as a recruit electrical sailor. He commissioned in 1984 and learned Seamanship and Navigation followed by a specialist career in Information Technology. The Navy taught him the influence of leadership and coaching on realising extraordinary business outcomes.

Retiring from the Navy in 2001 following a 20 year career, he moved into Information Technology Service Delivery and Project Management. For 19 years, he has worked in consulting and permanent roles in the Public Service, Private and Not-For-Profit sectors. David has owned several companies and been on the management boards for several organisations. His life journey has brought together coaching and mentoring.

David believes in the potential that lies within each and every one of us. If we are open to transforming our minds by renewing the way we think, we will dramatically increase our freedom to succeed. Why? Because he knows that the human potential in the mind far exceeds our known abilities.

A coach doesn’t need to know more than the coachee. They need to have faith in the process, to know that people can achieve their goals if they put their mind to it. They need to be asked the right questions, encouraged towards results and kept accountable to achieving their goal.

Renewing your thinking. Transform your business.



Are you stuck? Unclear on what to do next? Not sure which way to turn or who to turn to?


Being a senior leader in any organisation sometimes can be a very lonely place to exist. It can be daunting to leave your office and visit a colleague to say, “I’m not sure what to do here”. An internationally certified and experienced Executive Coach can help immediately.


Executive Coaching is sometimes as simple as being there to listen and assist with the decision-making process. Often it is more about having a sounding board, someone to challenge your thinking, or just work with someone that understands business, leadership, management and strategy. Having a coach helps the busy executive to clarify their thoughts and focus on what is important.


David has 20 years of experience as a leader/manager in the Navy followed by a further 20 years of experience in public, private and not for profit senior executive roles. Coupled with being an internationally certified coach and DISC certified consultant, David has formal qualifications in business, management, project management, and training. You can trust David to bring a wealth of experience into your office or workplace.

What Will Coaching Do for You?

People all seek different things from coaching. It may be that you want to:


  • Set bigger goals and then reach those goals
  • Accelerate performance improvement
  • Focus better to produce results faster and more effectively
  • Do more than you would have done on your own
  • Make, save and invest more money
  • Learn to say NO to people and projects that drain you
  • Incorporate your passion into your business or career
  • Create more choices, ideas and options
  • Schedule time for creative expression
  • Increase your time for YOU!


The Coaching Journey


David will meet with you personally, over the phone or via Zoom. Governed by the results you want to achieve, you might prefer to meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This process usually commences with a longer initial session and you should be prepared to do some between session work.


In between scheduled meetings we are in contact by SMS, messenger, email and on some occasions via a brief phone call. David will work with you to plot and navigate a course to achieve your desired goals.


David has experience coaching business owners, executives, professionals and individuals focusing on and achieving effective outcomes. David is here to give you the freedom to succeed.


Which Coaching Package is Right for You?


That depends on how quickly you want to see change happen. Still not sure, or you would like to experience a coaching session before locking into a longer program? We can have a Discovery Coaching session.


Interested? Call David: +61 413 602 459
Or Mail:



Sold for success… The Ultimate Business Building and Life Enhancement Program!

Join David Campbell on a journey of discovery as he helps you unlock and tap into the wealth within you! His programs are worth their weight in GOLD. Built on a proprietary framework, "Observations" will open your potential and that of your business. Suitable for any business, any industry!

David is a visionary who combines his years at the top as a leader with his skills as an innovator! He will inspire you to seek and find your destiny, and more importantly, he will accompany you to fulfil it. David is the ‘Coaches Coach’ and is recognised by the elite to be the best of the best. Reach out today and take immediate action by exploring how he can take you to the top!

Observations - CAPTAIN

Fulfill Your Purpose and Destiny

Observations - Captain level is limited to ONLY 20 clients.

This program runs for 12 months and includes:

  • 1 to 1 Coaching – Weekly (via Zoom)
  • Templates and tools provided
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Community Access
  • DISC Report and Debrief
  • Access to all David's materials

Observations - COMMANDER

Stand Out from the Crowd

Observations - Commander level is limited to ONLY 40 clients.

This program runs for 12 months and includes:

  • 1 to 1 Coaching – Fortnightly (via Zoom)
  • Templates and tools provided
  • Facebook Community Access
  • DISC Report and Debrief
  • Discounted access to all David's materials

Observations - LIEUTENANT

Aspiring to Greatness

Observations - Lieutenant level is limited to ONLY 100 clients.

This program runs for 12 months and includes:

  • 1 to 1 Coaching – Monthly (via Zoom)
  • DISC Report and Debrief
  • Discounted access to all David's materials

Transformation Coaching

Making the Move to Greatness

Wanting to break through on a particular aspect of your business? Transformation Coaching provides you with a pathway and accountability structure to see you succeed.

All sessions are conducted via Zoom


Training Workshops & Seminars

We know that if you are trained in the latest methodologies and given the correct tools to get on with commercialising relationships, you will do just that… get on with it. That’s why training is so important for your business. Building relationships and creating referrals has changed dramatically in the last five years. We keep up with the latest thinking, research and training techniques, so all you have to worry about is choosing the right program for your professional development.


Benefits from working with David

While there are many organisations that provide training, David is committed to giving you an experience, not just a training package. David works with you to understand your goals and outcomes, clarify your needs, and develop the right solution to help you realise the changes to your organisation that it needs.

Training and Consultation Services will help you:

  • Understand your customers’ needs and requirements;
  • Provide excellent customer service;
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Increase profitability;
  • Develop a knowledgeable and committed workforce;
  • Manage difficult customers and situations.
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