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How Can This Course Help You?


David Campbell, State Your Business CEO

Executive Business Coach, Trainer, Mentor & Speaker

“No matter what job position you are applying for, you need more than just a resume that will open the doors. There is an entire strategy to cracking Applicant Tracking Systems, being shortlisted, and presenting confidently at a winning interview. It’s so important to have a good resume, however, you need a strategic approach when responding to a job ad and presenting at an interview. Your resume is just one component of five critical parts you need to know to successfully apply and get that next job. A strategy that will set you apart, get you noticed and help you reach the next step in your career.”

What Will I Learn?

In this course, you will walk through the process of:

  • Preparing Your Resume
  • Writing a Covering Letter
  • Responding to Selection Criteria (preparing a pitch) and
  • Getting Ready for the Interview

Looking For More Support?

Career Transition Coaching is also available in one-on-one sessions with David. There are two packages available, 3 sessions at $1,050 and 6 sessions at $2,100. (Ex GST) These are a perfect investment into your future and greatly improve your chances of success in obtaining your next job. Contact us for more details.



Module 1 Welcome and Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 Resume
Unit 1 Resume – Preview
Unit 2 Core Competency
Unit 3 BONUS Material – Preview
Module 3 Skills Matrix
Unit 1 Understanding the Matrix
Module 4 Selection Criteria and Covering Letter
Unit 1 Selection Criteria and Covering Letter
Module 5 Job Ad
Unit 1 Understand the Job Ad
Module 6 Contact Officer and Your Pitch
Unit 1 The Contact Officer
Unit 2 Your Pitch
Module 7 Interview
Unit 1 The Interview
Module 8 Finish
Unit 1 Finish
Unit 2 A Message from David

Get Hired With Strategic Online Training

David Campbell has developed this training course after 25+ years of coaching individuals in preparing for a transition in their careers. With 100s of hours of testing the concepts in the training, this course now presents a unique framework called “The Matrix”. Step by step, this course walks you through the process of usingThe Matrix to prepare all the information you will need to successfully build a winning job resume, prepare and succeed in interviews, and ultimately win that job.

This online resume writing course breaks down everything you need for a successful job application, including teaching videos and downloadable templates for each module.

Set Yourself Apart With A Unique Matrix Approach

The current employment environment has changed in recent months due to the COVID-19 situation. There is a dramatic increase in the number of people who are unemployed. The good news is that we are starting to see more positions being advertised and the market is buoyant for employers as the number of skilled workers looking for work is currently high.

Setting yourself apart from the others is now a key skill, you can’t just rely on a pretty resume. You need to present consistently across the three aspect of the written application and then in the interview situation. Do it with training from this “Matrix” driven online resume course.

Resume, Applications & Interview Preparation

The job market is more competitive than ever. This means that a good resume isn’t the only thing you need to get that next job.

No longer can you just send a resume (CV) in the hope that you will get employed. Your applications need a strategy that is tailored to selling the uniqueness that you have! With this holistic approach, you will understand how to best create a resume, application, and prepare for an interview.

Radio Interview With David On His Unique Approach To Applying For Jobs

Now Includes Additional Bonus Material!

Bonus material from the National Webinar on “Update Your Resume” [18 June 2020].



This course has been designed with you in mind. Getting your next job is more than a good looking resume. It is about having a consistent strategy for applying and interviewing. A strategy that allows you to present consistently across your written and verbal application.

In short, you can’t know what you will be asked at an interview. Having said that, you can prepare and be ready for any question you are asked. The Matrix (proprietary to this course) provides you with a database of responses that are tailored to your experience. With practice, you will have the confidence to respond to any question.