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I believe that the potential for leadership is within each one of us. It is through being presented with and taking the opportunities in life that we learn and refine our leadership qualities. We have the rough edges knocked off through the experience of stepping out and taking the lead

Leaders don’t go it alone
Leaders must know their stuff
Leaders are visionary
Leaders teach others


Observations from the Quarterdeck (COMING SOON)

David’s current work is on a book titled: “Observations from the Quarterdeck, the Grand Adventure of Business.” Due for release in 2022

Observations presents an innovative new way to grow yourself and your business. Actively thinking and reflecting on each chapter and applying the learning will transform your thinking and renew the way you do business. It will give you the freedom to succeed in life.

Observations explores the adventure that is business through the analogy of operating and sailing a ship. It’s an easy and engaging read that will transform the way you think about your business. By applying the principles you’re reading, you will be able to see acceleration in the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

A transformation that is only achieved through the process of thinking.

David joined the Royal Australian Navy in March 1981 as a recruit electrical sailor. He commissioned in 1984 and learned Seamanship and Navigation followed by a specialist career in Information Technology. The Navy taught him the influence of leadership and coaching on realising extraordinary business outcomes.

Retiring from the Navy in 2001 following a 20 year career, he moved into Information Technology Service Delivery and Project Management. For 19 years, he has worked in consulting and permanent roles in the Public Service, Private and Not-For-Profit sectors. David has owned several companies and been on the management boards for several organisations. His life journey has brought together coaching and mentoring.

David believes in the potential that lies within each and every one of us. If we are open to transforming our minds by renewing the way we think, we will dramatically increase our freedom to succeed. Why? Because he knows that the human potential in the mind far exceeds our known abilities.

A coach doesn’t need to know more than the coachee. They need to have faith in the process, to know that people can achieve their goals if they put their mind to it. They need to be asked the right questions, encouraged towards results and kept accountable to achieving their goal.

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Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

David Campbell

Executive Business Coach & Mentor

David is an exceptionally experienced executive coach. He is an exceptional public speaker who challenges the way organisations and individuals think in relation to business and life. has led reform within a number of organisations and brings a unique understanding of the pressures in both the public and private sectors. He understands the changing requirements and time frames within the business environment and has considerable experience in leading, managing and coaching geographically dispersed (remote) teams. David brings a new insight into the way we think into our success in business to realise exceptional results.

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Our Client's Story

Peter Cain
Peter Cain

Treasury & Economic Development Directorate

David helped me focus on the more immediate of my goals without losing sight of my broader and subsequent plans. He advised me, and this turned out to be the case, that lessons learned on achieving the next goal would be invaluable for the following ones. I highly recommend his services.

Maria Filardo
Maria Filardo


Coaching has been great. I’ve learned more about myself and how to interact with people, being held accountable. Strategies that I thought I had weren’t actually strategies at all.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

I found David to be very helpful and detailed.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

I found my experience to be of great help in updating my Resume and the information provided was invaluable.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

David had a great approach to the coaching. While he followed a broad structure he was also happy to be led by what I felt would be most beneficial. He also challenged me to think deeply about what direction I wanted to take in my career so his assistance could better align and was targeted towards achieving that objective.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

This is a great program. It provides actionable feedback and usable outputs to support the career transition process.

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