DISC is a behaviour assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston, which centres on four different behavioural traits: Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive, and Cautious. This theory was then developed into a behavioural assessment tool


Adult DISC Personality Profile, Concise / Mini Version (6-pages), English Discovery Report

“Discover Yourself” is an online personality test (assessment) for adults that generates a 6-page personality report. This version is a popular cost-effective assessment. Your personality report is customized based on your online assessment that will take you only about 15-20 minutes to complete. Concise, yet very helpful insights. Includes charts and your scores. Some may think of this as a “personality test” or a “personality quiz.” This is not really a test – you can not fail. There are no right or wrong answers, just your individual preferences. Please note that, even though this is our “mini” version of the report, the online assessment is the same one that we use for the full report. You can also upgrade to the 50-page extended version for the difference in price. In fact, you don’t have to take the assessment a second time to upgrade!

DISC Profiles take the guesswork out of interacting with others!

What are your chances of connecting well with another person? On average, two people have about a 40% chance of experiencing a good personality match based on how their personality styles naturally fit together. That means that, most of the time, two people are likely to have a built-in challenge in relating well with each other – UNLESS they understand each other’s personality styles. Personal and business success hinge on effective communication with others. Why GUESS and take your chances in relationships when you can KNOW your personality style and the personality style of those around you? Our DISC assessment and DISC profile report reveals your personality style and helps to guide you connect with others in a much better way.


Ever tried to figure out how to work with someone? Maybe you have even read articles on how to work with difficult people? The challenge that we often face is that we just can’t figure out how another person thinks. We don’t understand why they act that way. We ask ourselves, “why are they treating me that way?” We have developed a practical tool that can help you work more effectively with anybody. The InterACTION Guide is a DISC profile report for 2 people. It will help you to understand yourself and someone else by reviewing the highlights of each of your personality styles. It will help you to be able to see the strengths of your relationship by looking at traits that tend to go well together. It will help you to be able to identify potential struggles in your relationship based on traits that tend to clash. Most importantly, it will give you specific strategies on how to adapt to one another to leverage your strengths and overcome the struggles. Who can use this free disc profile report? The InterACTION Guide is available for any two people who already have Discovery Reports (all Discovery Report versions will work). This report is primarily for adults, but it may also be used for teens and children. Combinations of any of the versions of Discovery Reports are valid. To clarify, you will need two valid Discovery Report access codes (one for each person).

Hiring Insights

Hiring “the right person” for a position just got easier. It can be a real challenge to find and hire someone who is a good fit for a position. Beyond identifying skills and experience, it can be difficult to determine if there will be good “chemistry” between the new person and the environment that he or she will be placed in. That is where personality styles are a huge factor. Watch the video below to see how adding one simple tool can improve your hiring process.

Team Charts

Use this powerful free tool see everyone on one chart to get an at-a-glance view of everyone's DISC personality style. You can even click on individuals on the graph to view summary information for that person. Team charts are useful for looking at team interaction dynamics, seeing a group's personality as a whole, identifying tendencies of the group, and visualizing how individual team members fit in with the group in general. You will need valid Discovery Report access code for each person to be included on the chart.